Framed Prints

We Do Basic Framing In-House

We offer prints framed in either of two frame types — light walnut or dark walnut. Both are 1″ wide, 3/4″ thick, smooth finish, wood composite with wood grain pattern.

Prints fit 1/4″ within the frame on each side. The frames are specified based on the print size they accept, so, e.g., a 12 x 18 frame accepts a 12 x 18 print, measures about 13.5″ x 19.5″ outside, 11.5″ x 17.5″ inside.

Simulated mats are, of course, simulated. When we print, we start with your file and add a border, based on the mat choice you have made. The simulated mats have a slight texture, simulating a linen material.

The prints are shipped with a non-glare glass or plexiglass front. Mounting hardware is taped to the back. Once the mounting hardware is attached, the prints are ready to hang on the wall.

The only media we offer for framed prints is enhanced matte. Inasmuch as the prints are mounted behind glass (or plexiglass), we feel that this media provides the best result.

Why do we only offer two basic frame options? Because we’re a fine art printer, and leave the professional frame shops to do the heavy lifting with custom mats, custom framing etc. Keep in mind, some framing options can get quite costly, but your fine art print deserves a good home, and great care behind a protective layer of non-glare glass or plexiglass. If you have a woodshop you could be adventurous and build your own frames too – this could be an inexpensive option, but if all else fails, count us us with our basic framing options.