Magnet Prints

Printing on Magnets, this is pretty cool!

You’re already selling your awesome prints, why not go a step further and put your branded images on a magnet?

No more minimum print quantities woes. You can order as little as a single printed magnet, or as many as you need for an event. We know that you may not want to order 500 magnets, maybe you just want a dozen or less, so we’ve broken the mold and now offer no minimums. We believe this is a fantastic printed product for you to offer your clients, and we’re ready to partner with you in custom printing magnets.

Printed magnets are a fantastic marketing tool. You can print refrigerator magnets, car-door magnets, locker-room magnets, anywhere there’s a steel surface, print awesome quality magnets and add value to your artistic flare. Everyone has a magnet on their fridge, take advantage of the real estate and get your art and message to stick and make a lasting impression. The advantage of printing on magnets is that they’re removable, repositionable and reusable, and are perfect for mementos, gifts for family and friends. If you’re already selling your prints, including magnets is a great value added service you can provide your clients.

We offer a range of sizes starting at 3″x4″ and as big as 18″x24″. We’ve seen our magnets being used in restaurants, office lobbies, workshops, churches and events. It’s an effective marketing tool especially if you’re not going to be in a permanent location, you’ll leave the area exactly as you found it!

Upload your file, select a size and order your printed magnets today. Our magnets are printed on our latex printer, on our top quality 0.15″ thick matte surface. We’ll be offering custom shapes in the near future – ask us about your magnetic print possibilities.