Order Prints

Order prints in a few clicks!

We’ve taken the stress out of Fine Art Printing. Using our state of the art platform, here’s how you can place your order with us:

  • We use the KISS principle! To start your fine art print order, click HERE
  • Select your desired fine art print option from the top bar, in this case we’ll go with Fine Art Prints, now click the Fine Art Prints link to display all of the size offerings. We start out with the most common industry standard sizes available. If you have a custom print size that isn’t listed, you can easily select a Custom Size option for your file.
  • We’re going to print a 5″x7″ print, so click on 5×7 and your print artboard will open up.
  • See the bottom flashing text that says “Click Here to Choose Images“? Once you click this link, you’ll be directed to a window that wants you to navigate to the folder on your desktop where your awesome print file is waiting to be uploaded. Navigate to this folder, select your image file, and click “Open“.
  • Now you’ll see your print file in the bottom image bar. Click your file, and just like that, your image will pop into the print area.
  • We now need to know what paper type you want to print on, so over on the right of the screen, select your paper type.
  • If you want to add a border, or Matte simulation, you can add these options to your image.
  • See the green “Add to Cart” button? Click it!
  • See the red “Cart” at the top? Click it!
  • Like what you see, and want to add some print instructions for us to follow? Go ahead, add info, and then click the green “Check Out” button.
  • Choose your preferred shipping options, click the green “Next” tab…
  • Fill in a few details, and we’ll figure out if Uncle Sam needs his share.
  • If you have a promocode copy/paste it, and click Apply (want to know how to get a promocode – ask us!)
  • Fill in all the fine print needed to process your order, click Next
  • BOOM – you’re done, sit back, grab a coffee, we’ve got it from here! Look out for the delivery folks, your Fine Art Print is on it’s way!

Woo Hoo! You’ve successfully placed your print order! Sit back, relax, grab a coffee, & let us take it from here! Your print is on the way!