Gator Board Prints

This is a great way to showcase your prints, creating a stunning visual effect for your viewers to enjoy.

We attach a saw-tooth hanger on the back and send you the mounted print for you to place in a frame or hang on the wall by yourself. A really great way to showcase your print is by adding a stand-off feature. This is a great effect for scenic prints.

Gator Board Prints usually ship 3-4 days after placing your order. This allows us time to print, mount and safely package your fine art print for shipping.

Care for your Gator Board Print (actually follow these guidelines for all your fine art prints)

  • When you receive your package, please open it carefully! It is easy to damage a gator board print when removing from the box and preparing for hanging on your wall.
  • We only print on Enhanced Matte when mounting prints to gator board. if you notice specks of dust, gently blow them off your print, avoid wiping the print surface to avoid scuffs.
  • Don’t mount your print above an air vent. Humidity is known to be very unkind to prints, causing them the buckle, sag, and curl.
  • Keep your print out of direct sunlight, UV rays can be harmful and will damage your print over time.
  • Room placement is key. If your print is mounted on the wall next to a window, or sliding door, or beneath lighting, chances are you will not enjoy the full radiance and color pop of your image.

Stand out from the rest and order your gator board mounted print with us today!