Frequently Asked Questions

Will you automatically adjust my photos for optimal lightness, contrast, etc.?

Nope.  We can’t accurately second-guess what you want. What we do is to print very linearly (meaning that highlight and shadow detail is preserved). If your file is vivid, your print will be vivid. If it’s drab, the print will be drab. Not second guessing them is very important to many of our customers.

How soon will I get my order?

In nearly all cases, orders placed on a business day by noon, central time, will go out the same day. Most customers specify shipment by Economy Mail. Most Economy Mail orders arrive in 4-10 business days. You may also select shipment by UPS Air (next, 2nd, or 3rd business day) or UPS ground. The exception to this is orders containing one or more sprayed items (usually canvas prints). In that case there is a delay of three business days. Orders of more than $300 must be placed by 10AM, more than $800 the night before.

My Print arrived damaged, now what?

There’s nothing worse than receiving a damaged print. Let us know right away. We do offer a one time only courtesy reprint for a damaged print. Sometimes the envelope or tube is crushed in transit, or left out in the rain, or used as a toy to play fetch with Fido. Here’s what you’ll need to do to start the courtesy reprint process:

  • Step 1 take a photo of the damaged packaging
  • Step 2 take a photo of the damaged print
  • Step 3 take a photo of the shipping label with your name and visible tracking number
  • Attach the photos to an email and send it to us right away CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL

Do you process film or negatives?

Unfortunately we don’t process or handle any type of camera film or negatives. We only print from digital files in .jpg format. We also don’t offer scanning services.

Do I need to create an account?

Nope. You don’t need to create an account. We’ve made the online ordering process seamless and easy for you to place your print order. You store your own files and images on your desktop, and when you’re ready to place an order, simply dram and drop the print ready file into our ordering platform to get started.

Can I add Special Instructions to my order?

Yes. Once you’ve uploaded your print ready file, and chosen your print options, you’ll be able to add special instructions for your order if needed. For example “this is a gift, please don’t ship any invoicing information to my client”.

Will my print ship flat or rolled in a tube?

All prints that fall within 8″x10″ and 9″x12″ ship in our flat envelopes. Prints that are larger than this, will ship rolled in a protective tube. Given that shipping is often calculated and billed according to package dimensions, we only ship gatorboard and canvas stretched orders flat in boxes.

How can I flatten my print?

First – when you remove the end caps from the tube, please do this very carefully, you don’t want to damage your print inside the tube. We always roll your print in a protective wrapper, so before you unroll your print, be sure you have removed it from the tube very gently, applying any pressure to the print while it is still rolled may cause dents and bruising. Make sure your hands are clean, free from oils, lotions and dirt particles. Next, on a clean surface, gently unroll your print face down, and only handle the edges. Next, place clean, smooth heavy objects like books on ends and middle of your print, and leave it like this overnight. If you’re super-skilled you can also very gently roll the print in the opposite direction using the tube it was shipped in – but be gentle and ensure every step of the way, all surfaces are clean and free from debris. Your print is now ready for mounting or framing.

My order didn’t turn out the way I thought it would – now what?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns. But if you chose the option for us to color check and correct your file, we guarantee a courtesy reprint. However, if you did not opt for color correction, we can’t guarantee that your file will print correctly, and therefore will be unable to send a courtesy reprint. Once an order is placed in our system, if you need to modify or cancel, you must contact us within 30 minutes of order submission.