My Print Arrived But…

My Print Arrived But…

June 7, 2022 Uncategorized 0

You’ve tracked your print, it’s finally arrived and there’s a problem. It’s damaged! The packaging looks like it went through a shredder. Here’s what we recommend as your call to action:

  • Take pictures of the damage BEFORE you open the package
  • Be sure to take a picture of the entire shipping label, with the tracking number clearly visible
  • Now, open the package and remove your print
  • Unroll or unbox your print and look for visible signs of scuffs, dents, scratches and tears that will correspond with the damaged packaging, take a picture
  • Attach the images to an email and send it to us

It’s important you let us know as soon as the package has arrived that there is damage, so that we can file a claim with the carrier. In some instances the carrier may request that the damaged package be returned, or we may ask for it to be returned to us so we can evaluate our process to ensure we’re doing everything correctly before sending out your order, so before you throw anything away, hold on to it in case it is needed.

When there is obvious transit damage, we’ll need the pictures you took, to be sent to us so we can start the claim process. In the meantime while that is going on, we’ll send out a courtesy reprint.

In some cases, you’re super excited to get your print, and opening tube caps, or cutting tape away from box seals can cause damage. Be gentle, don’t squeeze the tube, don’t drop the box, don’t tear the protective butcher-wrap or bubble-wrap away from the print too quickly, damage to your print will be inevitable.