Paper Types

Paper Types

July 26, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Choosing the right paper stock for your prints is an important decision to make. The descriptions below are intended to point you in the right direction to ensuring your paper choice is correct and you are thrilled with your prints when they arrive.

Enhanced Matte holds color exceptionally well and has a body thickness of 12 mils. The prints are flat, and are excellent for framing, black and white photos, illustrations, artistic compositions etc. This is by far our most favored stock producing 60% of all our workflows.

Premium Rag Matte is for those images that call for a textured appearance, striking color depth, and non-reflective resilience to your prized artwork. This is a 21 mils thick stock and is perfect for artistic renditions.

Standard Matte is a great solution for POS, posters, event signage, product mock-ups, and is a great surface for black and white images. This is an economy 7 mils thick stock.

Satin is our premium photo stock and is a 10 mils heavy weight paper. Intermediate reflectivity, which is what you want on photography and stills images. Great for illustrations, posters, Etsy & Amazon resellers love this choice. A superb option for photographers shooting weddings, engagements & special events.

Glossy is our 9 mils offering for great saturation and enhanced details. Glossy provides a classy sheen to prints, and brings out detail in object photography (cars, boats, motorcycles, nature scenes etc.)

Metallic Glossy is a thick 10 mils stock with a slightly metallic look. This stock has exceptional saturation and attention to detail functionality.