Want to mount a canvas print?

Want to mount a canvas print?

March 9, 2021 Uncategorized 0

1. Make sure you have the proper equipment: Staple gun, Canvas Pliers (a wide pliers that grips 2-4″ of canvas at a time), and a good table that won’t scratch the canvas. A blanket over a table may work well.

2. Make or obtain a stretcher frame. Stretcher bars are available on-line, or from many arts and crafts and/or framing stores. Most of the bars can be pounded together gently, and do not need any nails or glue. Preferably, choose 1.5″ x 1.5″ stretcher bars.

3. Once you have the frame placed where you want, the first step is to staple one side of the image to the back of the stretcher frame with the staple gun. Make sure your first staple is centered between the two edges of the image so you have the needed mobility for the next steps. Also make sure your image is centered. (If it’s centered, you will have exactly equal amounts of material extending past the face of the frame on each side.) Make sure the image slides minimally. Sliding on the image surface can cause the ink to wear off if it is done too frequently.

4. Once you have the first staple in place, you will do the same to the opposite side. Before putting the second staple in place, pull the opposite side taught, and wrap it around the frame as you did in the previous step. Once you have it situated properly, place a staple in the same position as the other side.

5. Once you have these two staples in place, the next step is to fold in each corner. This process is very similar to wrapping a Christmas present. Grab one corner of the image and pull it towards the corner of the frame. This will cause the canvas to “bulge” on either side from the point that you are pulling inwards. Here you will want to tuck that excess material, that “bulge”, downwards to fold the material inwards. Once you have the material is folded in correctly, staple the folded corner down.

6. After you get the corners stapled, staple the two sides not originally stapled. Following this, place staples about every 3-4” around the entire frame to keep the image tight and to prevent sagging over time. Do this in a circular pattern so the image doesn’t get any uneven areas where the material clumps up and wrinkles.

7. Did your stretcher frame come with corner keys? If so, pound a corner key into each corner (that’s why you didn’t use nails or glue in putting together the stretcher frame). This will expand the frame just slightly, and will pull the canvas very taught.

8. Hang up your mounted canvas print on the wall, and enjoy.

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