Which Platform Is Best?

Which Platform Is Best?

December 30, 2021 Uncategorized 0

You may have noticed that we have quite a range of platforms for you to choose from. There’s method in the madness! Given that the previous two years have been laden with pandemic-style uncertainty we’ve had to cast our net a little wider, and in doing so, brought along side our existing platforms a new slick platform that is device and SEO friendly.

Automated Photo Technology

Our primary market is you, the professional print entrepreneur. You have a store on Etsy or Amazon and you have your own client base, but you need a secure partner in the printing world that you can trust, and we’ve filled that gap for you with our 5 platforms that you’re familiar with in the image below. You’ve more than likely created an account with us, and uploaded image files to your directory and when it’s time to place an order for your client, you know exactly where to go to make it happen, and we take care of the rest for you. This works very well for folks that sell off their ecommerce stores daily, sometimes multiple times a day, and during peak season it’s a mad printing flood – these 5 platforms are robust and built to handle the scale, and throughput of 100’s of print orders every day!

Quick Print Serve

But what about someone just getting started in this whole print on demand scenario? You don’t want to upload images to a directory, you’ve already got them on your device, and just want to old school print and gift someone with your artistic creation. This where our new platform below comes into play to cater to the needs of low volume, quick turnaround print ordering on the go, with exactly the same printing quality, outstanding customer service, and attention to fine detail.

So to recap on which platform is better for you? If you’re already selling print online, and need a secure partner to process your photographic prints, artistic illustrations, canvas prints, framed or gatorboard mounted prints that you’re selling through Etsy or Amazon etc. then Automated Photo Technology is your one-stop-print-shop!

If you are just getting started and don’t want the challenge of managing directories, print workflows etc., and submit lower volume print orders, for exactly the same printing product offering as above, then QuickPrintServe is your go-to for a quick printing solution. All of our Photos, Posters, Canvas, Framed and mounted prints are archival quality and will last decades!