What’s Your Side Hustle?

What’s Your Side Hustle?

March 2, 2022 Uncategorized 0

First of all, what is a side hustle? It’s a way to make money outside of your 9 to 5 job. Ever asked yourself if you could do with a little extra income to cover bills or a little nest-egg savings for a rainy day? Then this article should inspire you!

Your side hustle could make you a couple hundred dollars a month, and if you really hustle, maybe even make you an extra thousand dollars a month. Let’s face it, the Pandemic has burdened a lot of household incomes, and so it’s time to be resourceful, creative and bold by looking into generating *passive income – more on this later.

There are so many side hustles out there, but we’re going to focus on our brand offering that we know works: your own Print On Demand store. Whether you’re an amateur photographer, artist or illustrator, you’re potentially sitting on your own personal goldmine. You can create and sell your images and artwork under your own brand, and have a professional photolab (like us!) be your print provider, without your clients even knowing we’re involved. That’s because we offer white-label drop-shipping!

With any side hustle, you need to do exactly that: hustle! Get the word out there. Once you’ve created your online presence, take advantage of sharing your online storefront across your social media platforms. Tell your friends to “check it out”. Be your own marketing executive, and tell people about your side hustle and point them to your store. As soon as you make a sale, be bold and ask your newfound customers to review you, this will bode well for credibility and drive more traffic your way.

How much can you sell your prints for? Check out some of your competitors that are doing the same side hustle, see who they are using as their print provider, price yourself within range – a good rule of thumb is to cover the print & shipping cost, with a starting margin around 30% so for every $100 you sell, costs are covered and you net $30 & for every $1000 sold you net $300. If they’re making a profit you will too – remember it’s a side hustle and slow and steady wins the race! We’ve seen entrepreneurs start out selling a couple prints as a hobby, then it became a side hustle, and now it’s a lucrative passive income generator.

*With your online store featuring your photography, artwork, illustrations etc. you’ll be well on your way to enjoying passive income! And the more images you add, the higher passive earnings potential you’ll have. It’s not a pyramid scheme, it’s your side hustle – you get to control your passive income moneymaker, convert your digital images to print, start selling, make some money out of your creativity.

Don’t have an online store yet? We’ve got you covered. Order your prints by clicking the link below:

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